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May 2013 Regulation update ISPM15 regulations have been updated.
ISPM 15. 2009: Annex 1. Approved treatments associated with wood packaging
material (2013). Rome, IPPC, FAO.

Revision to Annex 1 together with associated change in Annex 2, was adopted by the Eighth Session
of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in April 2013.

The regulations have been updated to include dielectric heat treatment (microwave) as part of the approved treatments.

Download ISPM15 - revised 2013 (pdf)


April 2013 Various Bangladesh now require ISPM15 compliant packaging.
Further updates added to Brazil and Malaysia.
Further news - The CWPCA (Canadian Wood Pallet & Container Association) have their AGM on 29th April.
There is a chance that further news will announced here regarding the US/Canada exemption....
July 2011 China Reports indicate that AQSIQ inspectors in China are intercepting export consignments from Europe because articles of WPM are being found to have country codes that do not relate to the country of export. i.e. as is the IPPC intention that treated WPM can be re-used for export, the Chinese authorities have taken a different approach and are insisting that re-exported WPM be re-treated. An EC challenge is being considered, but in the meantime exporters to China should be aware of this complication - China2011.pdf
March 2010 EU From 19 March 2010 the use of Methyl Bromide as an acceptable treatment according to ISPM15 has now been phased out. Many countries have, as a result, banned WPM that has banned shipments with treatment dates after 18/3/2010.
Read Australian declaration
June 2009 EU - Portugal the EU Standing Committee on Plant Health approved a proposal by the European Commission to provide a temporary derogation from the current emergency measures imposed on Portugal, in order to avoid (further) spreading of the Pine Wood Nematode.
The enforcement date of the latest amendment to EC 2006/133/EC will be postponed from 16 June 2009 to 1 January 2010.
  Australia The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has reviewed the acceptance of Newly Manufactured Plywood/ Veneer Certificates for Plywood and Veneer used as packaging material in all imported shipments. New regulations apply from 1 August 2009. Further details at

AQIS has also reviewed the format of the Cargo Containers: Quarantine Aspects and Procedures booklet - full details here


May 2009 Indonesia Expected to implement ISPM15 from September 2009.


  Israel Implementing ISPM15 from 23 June 2009 and will commence enforcement from 1 October.

  Presswood Pallets can be exported worldwide



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