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PRESSWOOD pallets are not regarded as wood, which is affected by ISPM15 regulations.

    PRESSWOOD pallets do not need IPPC marking.
    PRESSWOOD pallets do not require heat or chemical treatment.
    PRESSWOOD pallets do not require phytosanitary certification.
    PRESSWOOD pallets can be exported anywhere in the world.



PRESSWOOD pallets are moulded from dried wood fibre using very high pressure & temperature. This manufacturing process classifies them as 'particle board', which can also be described as 'processed wood'. ISPM15 regulations only control "non-manufactured wood" or "non-processed wood" and concern raw timber.

As every
PRESSWOOD pallet is made this way it means that you pay no extra for specially prepared (or treated) pallets. It also means that any Presswood Pallet can go anywhere in the world, so no extra stock is needed.

Although certification of this product is not entirely necessary, we offer voluntary certification to ensure trouble free exports.

  Presswood Pallets can be exported worldwide


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